5 Tips For Having Sex At Festivals

By on March 21, 2019

The best thing about festivals is the amazing sense of freedom you get from simply donning a pair of wellies and wandering around a field. Naturally, mix that feeling of pure liberation with booze, music and loads of hot babes and of course you’re going to want to bone the days away. Unfortunately, a muddy hole surrounded by thousands of drunk strangers is not sexy to make.

DW, we know you’re going to do it anyway. Joanna Coker, sex and relationship expert for Bondara, shares her festival sex tips because like it or not, mud and warm tins of beer are going to make you horny AF.

1. Condoms are AS essential as wellies

Whether you’re actively seeking some festival lovin’ or believe it’s strictly off the cards, condoms are as essential as your wellies. Things can and do happen and once you’re in a field miles from the nearest shops, opportunities to access contraception will be few and far between. Make sure you take loads of condoms with you.

2. Don’t get caught

Unlike most outdoor sex where you can find a secluded spot away from prying eyes – a festival is filled with thousands of people which makes not getting caught a little more tricky. Wait until the crowds are distracted by a popular band before sneaking back to your tent. If you’re not camping, your options are limited, soz. Besides the hygiene considerations (JUST STAY AWAY, PEOPLE), a festival portaloo has the obvious disadvantage of a constant stream of people queuing outside, so isn’t the most private location. If you really can’t resist the urge, again wait for a popular band to come on before finding a quiet corner a safe distance away to get it on.

3. Beware of beer goggles

Much has been said about the magical powers of beer goggles. Example; the guy with the anorak and a dodgy haircut talking into his shoe suddenly become uber cool and uber sexy – the drawback is that their powers are temporary and you may end up with cold, hard regret. To avoid a beer goggle-induced sexual encounter, it’s a good idea to have a pre-agreement with trusted friends to politely intervene and stop each other doing anything you may live to regret.

4. Save yourself (and your friends) embarrassment

If you do decide to bang someone, for your own safety it is always wise to let a pal know where you are going and with who. Plus, if you’re sharing a tent, give that person a heads up or risk subjecting them to an eyeful if they come back unannounced.

5. Watch out for group situations that go too far…

The combo of good festival vibes, booze and tent-sharing can lead to group situations which go further than you would be comfortable with normally.

At the time it might seem fun to share a sexual experience with more than one person, but if this isn’t something you’d usually do, you might feel differently afterward. Especially if it happens with people you know – you don’t want to spend the next year avoiding eye contact with your flatmates, right? Think carefully before engaging in any sexual activity that’s out of character for you.

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A Simple Beginner’s Guide To Rimming Plus Tips And Techniques

By on March 2, 2019

You probably find yourself here because you’re stumped as to what the term “rimming” means. Or, if you already know, you’re curious how you go about it.

Rimming (aka. Tossing Salad) is when one partner orally stimulates another’s anus.

Aka. Eating ass.

No, wait! Don’t run away!

If you’re new to the concept, you’re probably grossed out just thinking about it. However, I promise it’s nowhere near as bad as you think it is. In fact, it can be quite pleasurable.

Let’s look at what you need to do to prepare and some simple techniques to elevate you to the pro level.

Back view of man and woman holding each others butts




This will be the make or break of a pleasant experience, and it all starts with planning.


Bar of blue, foamy soap

If you think you’re going to get lucky in some way, clean yourself ahead of time – and do it well. Jump in the shower and give your ass and hole a thorough wash.

And I don’t mean a quick lather – spend some serious time getting things squeaky clean. There are anal cleansing gels on the market too.

Another possibility is extending foreplay to the shower and doing it when your partner is with you.

Keep antibacterial baby wipes close by for a last-minute wipe down. These are also essential if you don’t think you can get to a shower beforehand – because, trust me, a simple toilet paper wipe will NOT be good enough.




There’s already lots of talk about trimming the forward hedges, but if rimming is on the table, you might want to give those bum hairs a shave. Hairs tend to grab onto unpleasant things and be rather rough on the tongue.

You don’t have to wax or bleach anything. It’s just good manners to keep the hairs under control.




Salad being tossed

Yes, there is a bigger chance of bacteria being present, but there’s also the risk of STIs as well. This can either be from feces or blood in the anus (for example if there’s been any rough anal play ahead of time).

Not to mention if there are any open sores or swollen gums (in the “giver’s” mouth). This is one reason it’s suggested you don’t brush your teeth right after. Instead, wash with mouthwash etc. and then gently brush.

EXAMPLE: Herpes, Chlamydia, Hepatitis A, Salmonella, Giardia, Amoebas, or Shigella.

All of this is easily solved by using a dental dam or cutting open a condom and using the lubricated side against the rimming receiver.

Another suggestion I came across was cutting open a latex medical glove but leaving one of the fingers intact – essentially creating a dental damn with a tongue sleeve.

WARNING: Some people are allergic to latex. Check first or have the non-latex versions available. And while some people would suggest using plastic wrap, I do NOT. It’s not made the same as dental dams or condoms and has a higher risk of STI transference.




Aside from keeping things clean, you should consider what your digestion is like that day. Having the “runs” or excessive gas can ruin things in ways we don’t want to imagine.

If things are suspect in the tummy department, wait for another day. Or, if gas is the issue, there are pills to take care of it or foods that produce fewer toots.




Cyanide and Happiness comic about rimming, aka annalingus

There’s no actual “right” position, just ones that make things easier.

Doggy style will open things up nicely, but they won’t be able to relax as easily because they are propping themselves up. Body wedges/pillows help to solve this issue.

Laying on the back with your legs tucked against your chest works too. Prop a pillow under your hips to make the area more accessible (and be kinder on your partner’s neck).

Riding their face is also another fine choice. Just make sure you don’t smother them.




This doesn’t mean you have to put on a performance – only making sure you don’t skip to just sticking your tongue in.



  • Make sure your partner is comfortable and relaxed
  • Kiss along their thighs and other sensitive areas



  • Use your breath to warm things up or cool things off
  • Draw half circles with your tongue
  • Make little swirls or gently fondle around the outside
  • Give tiny nibbles (not bites!)
  • Try a wand or other vibrator



  • Only when they are supremely worked up should you start inserting your tongue
  • Short strokes, long ones, mixing it up, heavying licking etc.
  • This is also when you can insert a finger (if they want) and work a man’s p-spot.
  • Make sure you use lube if anything is going inside anywhere.


NOTE: Don’t ignore the rest of the body. If your partner’s a woman, play with her lower-lips etc. If it’s a man (and his erection allows) give him some sensual strokes or play with his balls.

Also, make sure you come up for air. Honestly, certain positions make it hard to breathe.




Nope. Not at all.

The nerve endings around the anus are the same whether you’re gay, straight, bi, any other sexual identity, male, or female. Granted there’s the stereotype that gay people enjoy it (for obvious reasons), and it’s lead to some discrimination, however, anyone can enjoy it.

And, as long as you’re with a trusted partner and use practice safer sex, it can be a great addition to your sex toolbox!


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Do you have any other rimming techniques? Share in the comments.

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Sex in a Tent: Festival Fertility

By on February 18, 2019

Festivals are a brilliant way to retreat from everyday life, relaxing outdoors with fellow human beings and sharing in the celebration of music, humanity, food, nature and a good time.

Learning to let go and enjoy is becoming increasingly important as our lives become busier and busier and our free time is eroded away but work and other commitments. I relish being anywhere away from emails and texts and long for the days when it was hard to get hold of people. Communication is a good thing, a great thing – but it’s also a curse as we can so easily slip into overload. Festivals are a perfect excuse to check out and be off the radar for a while. I like nothing better than being outdoors with my husband, children, and friends listening to music and relaxing with a drink and a smile”

My Top Fertility Tips for Festivals


  • Sex in a tent is great fun, forget about ovulation sticks and don’t worry where you are in your cycle and if it’s “a good time in the month for sex”, remember sex for sex sake and just enjoy.
  • Don’t worry too much about excessive washing – we are over sanitized these days. Pheromones are what we produce to attract another they enhance attraction and potentially arousal and attraction. The smell of a man’s armpits is said to really activate women’s libido. Be natural for a weekend everyone’s in the same boat.
  • Try to relax your fertility plan for the weekend – don’t go too mad but do relax and let your hair down. Trying for a baby can really take the joy out of a relationship so put it to the back of your mind and rediscover each other.
  • You can relax on your eating rules when on a festival. Take some healthy snacks; fruit, nuts, seeds, oats cakes and humous etc as fill-ins. When eating take away food at the festival stick to things like falafels and vegetables based dishes.
  • Consider taking Chlorella tablets which are high in protein and really good for the liver too.
    Sesame seeds are excellent for reducing the effects of alcohol.
  • Take some aloe vera gel which is a great cure-all for cuts, scratches or mild sunburn. Keep it in the cool box.
  • Stay hydrated, drink plenty of water, allow yourself the odd drink but make sure you have eaten and don’t drink on an empty stomach or to excess.
  • Wear a hat if it’s very sunny so you don’t get overheated.
  • Remember it can get very cold at night so take an extra layer.
  • Take a kettle to make herbal teas. ‘Nourish blood’ from my new Cycles of Life organic tea range is amazing for anyone who gets hay fever or to give the energy to dance the night away.


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10 Extreme Sex Toys And Devices That Will Make Your Eyes Bulge

By on December 28, 2018

In the land of sex, you name it, and it probably exists – everything from vanilla cuddling to things involving saddles, motor oil, and jumper cables.

And today we’re going to look at the latter end of the spectrum – extreme sex toys!

So, if you’ve barely held a vibrator, hold onto your seat and stomach; but if you’re a freaky veteran, pull out your notepad and get ready for some new ideas!


Extreme sex toys, testical clamp cups




Stainless steel anal spreader

Sometimes labeled as speculums or retractors, these spreader toys are meant to open orifices to allow for easier insertion of sex toys, BDSM torture, fetish probing, or various kinds of medical role play.

Oh, and before you go thinking that you would never ever use something like this … think again.

Nearly all women with access to medical care know that lovely “duck-billed plastic tool” that the gynecologist sticks into us before scraping our insides with a giant Q-tip. Also, when men get older, you can bet your doctor will eventually use something like this in your butt.

Welcome to the club.




Stainless steel ball press-chamber with screw top

CBT (aka Cock and Ball Torture) is fairly common in some BDSM circles – whether for pleasure, role play, or sub punishments etc.

This particular example has a removable ring that you put around the scrotum and slowly turn the handle to press the testicles in the metal chamber. There are other variations, including rings with spikes inside, flat panels that can press either the balls and/or the penis etc.

NOTE: Don’t confuse toys that compress vs ones that stretch.




Weighted ball stretcher around testicles

While we’re on the topic of CBT, let’s look at the other example I just mentioned … stretchers.

This one is a simple ring and loops so you can add different weights, but others can be leather straps, molded silicone rings, or thin rings that you add one by one to build up to the stretch you want.

Ladies, the next time your man complains about your period cramps, make him wear one of these for the next 4-5 days.




Electro sex-clamps

If any of you suffer from bad back pain, your doctor might have prescribed or suggested an e-stim machine – which is basically a device that sends an electric current to sticky pads that you put on your body, which, in turn, make your muscles contract and release.

And, since we’ve already seen that most medical devices can be adapted for the sex toy industry … it should be a surprise to see e-stim clamps that can shock your lower lady lips.




Elector-stim male chastity cage

Take the same ideas as the labia clamps, but adapt it to a male chastity belt (aka cock cage). This toy is different than many I’ve seen because it has voice control, patterns, power settings that go from 0 to 99, and a power box that lets you control two e-toys at once.

PERSONAL NOTE: My friend used her E-stim machine on my back … it was weird. Not bad… just weird, but I can see how some people might like it.




Real Doll brand sex doll in white outfit

Compared to some of the toys we’ve looked at so far, a sex doll might seem rather tame. However, if you take a closer look, you’ll see why it deserves a place on the list.

First, is the inner structure is made of an adjustable metal frame, which means you can bend your doll in all sort of positions. Second, the silicone skin is as close to skin-soft as you can get (while staying in the “affordable” range).

And third …the customization.

You can choose from dozens of faces, body types, skin colors, eye colors, hairstyles, makeup options, pubic hair styles, genital models, and more – and yes, they also have many boy-toy choices as well. There are also off-menu options – basically, anything you kink brain can come up with.

Why else is this such an extreme toy?  The price.

Even with sticking to a bare-bones model, plan to spend THOUSANDS of dollars




Massive dildo or anal plug

After all these toys, I bet you thought a dildo was going to be a nice break?

Well, forget it.

Because this elephant-sized anal dildo isn’t fucking around. It’s 14 inches long, with 13 insertable, and the largest bulb is over 5 inches in diameter. Granted, you’ll be able to find longer toys and wider ones, but this combines both worlds. Even the seller comments about “sitting on it and reaching your stomach”.

This is, to say the least, a challenging toy – even for anal stretching enthusiasts.




Set of urethra sounds in red case

I just need five words to describe this toy…

Metal. Rod. Up. The. Dick.

Nope, this isn’t a joke (you’ve heard of a catheter after all).

However, while many of these stainless-steel rods are pencil-thin, this set has 16 different widths (with each rod being two different widths at each end). The biggest one comes in at a whopping 11.30 mm or .445 inches in diameter.

We might cringe at the idea, but you have to at least appreciate the variety vs affordable price tag.




Man wearing gimp mask with urinal funnel

For those of you who don’t know what a gimp mask is, it’s a mask worn to dehumanize a person, aid in sensory play, or simply hide someone’s face.

As far as BDSM accessories go, it’s not that hardcore … until you start getting into breath play or water sports.

What are water sports you ask?

Pee. You pee on people.

And this mask has a handy-dandy funnel that leads right to the mouth. There are also versions that have a “urinal” at the front.




Can of Crisco lard

This might not be a sex toy, but lube is a necessary addition to any sexual practice … and this one is available at your local grocery store or granny’s pantry.


How is it used?

Since the anal cavity doesn’t self-lubricate like the vagina, it’s important to use a lube that won’t dry up and is extra slippery. That’s why you see some products designated as “anal sex lube”. Some player’s, however, swear that Crisco shortening is some of the best stuff you can get your hands on. Just don’t put it in your vagina … unless you want an infection.

MY OPINION: You should probably ask your doctor if this stuff is safe. At a minimum, it’s not compatible with condoms.




  • Medical-grade stainless steel is the best/only good material choice for many of these toys, next would be silicone


  • Make sure you clean all nooks and crannies carefully and thoroughly


  • Sanitize after each use, no exceptions


  • Make sure any locks and screws will hold in place firmly but still be easy to adjust


  • Sexual E-STIM play should never be done above the waist (it gets too close to the heart)


  • It also goes without saying that all extreme sex acts/toys shouldn’t be tried/used by beginners or the inexperienced


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


So, if someone paid you a million dollars, which of these would you try? Minus the “tame” Crisco, of course. Share in the comments!

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Beginners Sex Toys

By on December 3, 2018

Are you pacing up for some spicy adult toy fun? Well, sex toys are simply hot! They render a new lease of life to your regular mundane sex life and make things surprisingly exciting. You will discover new pleasures with sex toys and they will make each love making session super fun and memorable to the core. However, when you are a beginner, you should start slow and start small. The post below offers a brief on the best beginner sex toys.


Vibrators are your bestie when you are looking for some sensual me-time. You will simply need to hold it on your clit and enjoy the buzz to the fullest. There are various kinds of vibrators. Since you are a newbie, it’s suggested to start your sex toy journey with bullet vibrators. These are economical and come with customizable speed & power settings. This way, you can modify the stimulating buzz as per your specific preferences. If you crave for a prolonged sensation, go for dual-tip vibrators.

However, vibrators are not just for solo pleasure. You will even get couple vibrators to enjoy the buzz with your partner. Some of them work through remote control and you will be able to operate them via mobile app.


Next to vibrators, dildos will be your pick when you are planning to start your journey in the adult toy zone. You will find them in varied sizes and shapes. The most popular one is surely the cock-shaped dildo and you know why.

However, you will even find dildos with interesting variations to make your me-time even more interesting. If you want a more realistic stimulation, go for dildos with veiny textures.

Some modern dildos are even available with suction cups for complete hands-free pleasure.

Butt plugs with handle

Butt plugs get inside your butt and stay there for an out-of-the-world stimulation. But when you are a beginner, you may not be that comfortable with the idea of a foreign object staying unhinged in your body. This is why, it’s best to use butt plugs with handles when you are a newbie. The handle will make sure the plug is always under your grip, no matter how deep you push it inside the body.

Prostate vibrator

This sex toy is especially for the guys. As the name says, the vibrator works for prostate gland stimulation. The best ones come with a strategic curved shape so that it’s easier to get in touch with the gland with the sex toy. A man can easily enjoy the prostate vibrator himself. Otherwise, you can tell your partner to run the vibrator on your body.

Ben wa balls

These balls have been in use since the historic times and are amazing to enhance sex drive and sex life. Ben wa balls are little balls with some weight and are primarily used to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. But added to strengthening your muscles, these balls also help to create powerful stimulation in your vagina to reward you with an unforgettable orgasm. You will find them in  various sizes. Get a one with string so that the ball does not get lost inside the body.

Feather tickler

Are you in the mood for some BDSM fun but are afraid to start? Well, BDSM is all about hardcore action and the fetish toys are equally intense. However, there is no need to plunge into hardcore action right from day 1. Your body and mind are not prepared for it. You have to prep them and the best thing you will need here is a feather tickler. The feather option is soft and hence won’t hurt. You can use it to tease, tickle and even spank your partner without him/her getting hurt.

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