What Makes Ben Wa Balls The Best For Your Kegel Exercise

Июль 22, 2019

Your Ben Wa balls should be quite small, that is to say do not exceed 3.5 cm in diameter. The more you gain experience, the smaller will have to be your balls. Indeed, the big balls are not difficult to keep in the vagina so do not require any effort of the perineum. Know that the vagina is narrow enough to keep a 4 cm diameter ball in place.

The weight of the balls

A Ben Wa ball must weigh at least 80 g. If it is lighter, it will be too easy to keep it in place. As a result, the activity will not strengthen your perineum.

Quality of materials

It is strongly recommended to opt for non-allergenic materials to avoid any problem of intolerance. In addition, it is preferable that the balls are perfectly smooth and tight. This will prevent the accumulation of microbes in the micro pores and other junction points of the pieces.

User manual

Many believe that using Ben Wa balls does not require any learning. But this is only an idea. In fact, the use of Ben Wa balls must be done in the rules and we know that there are many subtleties to this practice. For example, you have to wear them in a certain way. There are also special exercises to dissociate the different parts of the pelvic floor so much technique to optimize the bodybuilding of it. So these are knowledge that you cannot have in a natural way, through your experiences. Hence the importance of a clear tutorial with preferably exercises described in as much detail as possible. The yoni eggs sold online are of different sizes that can be divided into three groups: small, medium and large, which corresponds to a height of 30, 40 and 50mm.

The size of your vagina will determine the size of the egg or balls; obviously, the bigger the egg, the more you will feel it. It is necessary to feel it physically to work the muscles but not if you want to work only with vibratory energies of the stone in meditation for example. For more ben wa balls guide you can read it here.

Large: this size is indicated if you have a large vagina, simply, and you can not feel the medium size egg. It is also indicated in case of relaxation of the perineum, for example when: You cannot feel or contract your vagina anymore. You suffer from urinary incontinence: you have leaks when you laugh, cough or sneeze; you often need to go to the bathroom. You have difficulty emptying your bladder.

An exception: If during reports, the “woman on” position causes you to have lower abdominal pain, choose an egg or smaller balls to avoid pain. Practice the exercises diligently to tone your muscles and prevent the uterus from descending further.

Medium: this size fits most women. You get to contract your perineum but you feel like it could get better. You master the size “big”.

Small: eggs of this size are barely larger than a tampon and most women cannot feel them, at least not at first. An egg of the size “small” is used in the following cases: For vaginal meditation the goal being to feel and work with the energetic vibrations of the stone, you do not need to feel the egg on the physical plane on the contrary, it would be rather embarrassing. You can wear it for several hours without being embarrassed. You have a good command of the “average” size and you want to push the exercises even further with the “small” size. In case you suffer from vaginismus here are speckled obsidian eggs 30, 40 and 50mm high.

What stone?

You can choose your stone based on the descriptions provided on each product page, to work on a given problem or solve a specific problem. Each stone is associated with one or more zodiac signs. If you choose a stone that is associated with your astrological sign, it will reinforce your positive characteristics in relation to your sign. But you can of course choose a stone associated with another astrological sign than yours. You can also choose according to which chakras it is associated with, to work on the chakra in question and to strengthen its links with the root chakra since this is where you place the egg. In general and in case of doubt, trust your intuition and choose the stone that attracts you the most, simply. This is the one you need. For many varieties, you can buy geisha balls here and choose the most appropriate stone for your sign and chakra.

Balls or egg

It’s a question of taste. The circle symbolizes unity, the absolute, eternity and the divine. Know that if you choose balls, you will at first work with one. Work with two balls is for confirmed users. The egg is the symbol of fertility both literally and figuratively. Thus, in many cultures it accompanies initiatory rites or fertility cults, representing the awakening or the return of life.

With wire or without

Yoni egg pierced with wire allows easy removal after use. This is particularly suitable for new users who are often afraid that the egg will “get stuck”. If you’re comfortable with your intimate muscles, you can use a non-pierced egg that you can take out without help, just by pushing. For experienced users who are knowledgeable about Taoist practices, the thread can be used to attach weights.

For hygienic reasons, it is necessary to replace the wire (type dental floss) after each use and to rinse well the hole. Choose them, put them, prejudices, misconceptions, how to use them. You should not get confused in the choice of Ben Wa balls vs. Kegel Balls. Both have the same effect and you can use them in everyday life, in sport, on horseback.

Accessories and me

You probably know that you like gym accessories: ball, elastics, roll full of things! You can test very different accessories, dumbbells for perineum: the balls of Ben Wa. It is thanks to the perinea shop where you could test these balls and share your experience.

You can call them balls of Kegel, smart balls, balls of Ben Wa, in brief full of name for those dumbbells of the perineum which often have a sexual connotation. We talk a little more about it with the movie Fifty Shades of Gray, but we do not know them well.

Motivation: these taboos make you unhappy.

It would seem that 40% of women under 50 would suffer from some form of incontinence, for example by coughing, sneezing, or even making an effort. 40% is a lot anyway. So what message did we pass? That’s normal. That you can have moments “oops”! We have leaks; well it does not matter here. It trivializes urinary leakage, gives the woman the news that leaks are inevitable, and not being a boy, its do not know what that gives as an image, but it’s not a super positive image, and even less glamorous.


You will have understood, well choose his Ben Wa balls is not an easy task, quite the contrary. Many criteria must be taken into account to acquire the ideal product, one that will suit you in every way and will take you to nirvana. But in any case, keep in mind that the primary function of these products is to bring sexual pleasure to women, so even if you select a model studied to strengthen your vaginal muscles, you will still benefit from an intense and intense pleasure. Finally, if you are not sure of your needs and expectations, take a product first price to start. You can practice this practice while getting used to these articles. And naturally, you will quickly realize what you require Ben Wa balls.