10 Wild Sex Festivals Around The World That Celebrate The Joy Of ‘Doing It’

Сентябрь 20, 2020

Sex is about joy, love and the pursuit of pleasure. So when it comes to something associated with so much happiness, we should all be celebrating it, instead of shying away from it. And that’s exactly what a lot of places strive to do. Sex festivals around the world are gaining steam (and not just for the obvious reasons).

Here are some of the best ones.

1. Kinky Copenhagen – Denmark

A festival with a focus on kink, you’ll find all manner of non-conformity here. There’s more latex than you can handle, and whips cracking in every corner.

2. Sexpo – South Africa and Australia

This blast of a fest features performers from all aspects of adult entertainment, including burlesque, male and female exotic dancing and pornography. It also involves cosplay and a focus on broadening the world’s sexual horizons.

3. Kutemajrvi Sex Festival – Finland

Taking place in a beautiful little village, this festival features lectures on sex, a sex toy expo, strip shows, exotic dancers and the Aphrodite competition – a nude beauty pageant.

4. Love Parade – Berlin, Germany

Technically, this is the largest techno festival in the world. But for all intents and purposes, it’s a sex festival. Security is told to hold off, and all kinds of sexual antics take over the streets.

5. Erotica – London
Arguably the biggest sex festival in the whole wide world, this ‘trade show’ has areas like an erotic jewellery boutique. 50-100,000 people show up every year, and it even sees celebrity attendance.

6. International Erotic Film Festival – Barcelona, Spain
Apart from a constant stream of adult films and discussions therewith, this festival also offers a lot more. There’s a lingerie show, a sex product fair and a fetish party. The aim of the fest is to break taboos regarding sex.

7. Pon Festival – Indonesia
Held seven times a year, participants in this festival hike up Gunung Kemukus, a hilltop Islamic shrine. Once atop, they have to have sex with a stranger, as they believe this brings them good luck and fortune.

8. Folsom Street Fair – San Francisco
One of the most famous S&M festivals in the world. The streets are taken over by all manner of sexual fetish, leather and everything in between. It’s wild.

9. Eroticon – Poland
This is a 4-day festival of erotic literature and general information about sex held in Poland. Highlights are the World Sex Championships, kink workshops and sex toy displays.

10. Nudes-A-Poppin’ Pageant – Indiana, USA
Held in a notorious nudist resort, this isn’t just a pageant for those who want to let it all hang out. The festival also features erotic dancing, exhibitionism and live sex acts, apart from a roster of famous movie and porn stars attending each year.