Beginners Sex Toys

Декабрь 3, 2018

Are you pacing up for some spicy adult toy fun? Well, sex toys are simply hot! They render a new lease of life to your regular mundane sex life and make things surprisingly exciting. You will discover new pleasures with sex toys and they will make each love making session super fun and memorable to the core. However, when you are a beginner, you should start slow and start small. The post below offers a brief on the best beginner sex toys to boost testosterone.


Vibrators are your bestie when you are looking for some sensual me-time, this is because you can use vibrators all week long. You will simply need to hold it on your clit and enjoy the buzz to the fullest. There are various kinds of vibrators. Since you are a newbie, it’s suggested to start your sex toy journey with bullet vibrators. These are economical and come with customizable speed & power settings. This way, you can modify the stimulating buzz as per your specific preferences. If you crave for a prolonged sensation, go for dual-tip vibrators.

However, vibrators are not just for solo pleasure. You will even get couple vibrators to enjoy the buzz with your partner. Some of them work through remote control and you will be able to operate them via mobile app. This is the kind of plug that works for all ages.


Next to vibrators, dildos will be your pick when you are planning to start your journey in the adult toy zone. It may not seem like it, but dildos are addictive as heroin. You will find them in varied sizes and shapes. The most popular one is surely the cock-shaped dildo and you know why.

However, you will even find dildos with interesting variations to make your me-time even more interesting. If you want a more realistic stimulation, go for dildos with veiny textures.

Some modern dildos are even available with suction cups for complete hands-free pleasure.

Butt plugs with handle

Butt plugs get inside your butt and stay there for an out-of-the-world stimulation. But when you are a beginner, you may not be that comfortable with the idea of a foreign object staying unhinged in your body. This is why, it’s best to use butt plugs for sex with handles when you are a newbie. The handle will make sure the plug is always under your grip, no matter how deep you push it inside the body or if you just suddenly decided to bring butt plugs to Mars. Be sure though that you use hygienic and reliable butt plugs.

Also available in the market are butt plugs for less sex people. Very convenient!

Prostate vibrator

This sex toy is especially for the guys. As the name says, the vibrator works for prostate gland stimulation. The best ones come with a strategic curved shape so that it’s easier to get in touch with the gland with the sex toy. A man can easily enjoy the prostate vibrator himself. Otherwise, you can tell your partner to run the vibrator on your body.

Ben wa balls

These balls have been in use since the historic times and are amazing to enhance sex drive and sex life. Ben wa balls are little balls with some weight and are primarily used to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. They can be healthy because Kegel exercises can’t be done without fitness kegel balls. But added to strengthening your muscles, these balls also help to create powerful stimulation in your vagina to reward you with an unforgettable orgasm. You will find them in  various sizes. Get a one with string so that the ball does not get lost inside the body.

Feather tickler

Are you in the mood for some BDSM fun but are afraid to start? Well, BDSM is all about hardcore action and the fetish toys are equally intense. However, there is no need to plunge into hardcore action right from day 1. Your body and mind are not prepared for it. You have to prep them and the best thing you will need here is a feather tickler. The feather option is soft and hence won’t hurt. You can use it to tease, tickle and even spank your partner without him/her getting hurt.

If you have fetish with feathers, you may also try animal tail butt plugs good for spanking.