How Orgies Became a Liberating Act for People

Октябрь 20, 2021

We all know about orgies and sex parties, yet we all have tons of misconceptions about them. But they have been with us for ages, and there’s no real reason why they would disappear from our societies. Why are orgies so hot, and what benefits do they offer, though? Well, there are numerous pros, and we’re about to let you in on some of them.

What Is an Orgy?

Namely, an orgy is an event that allows people to meet, share, and have consensual sexual intercourse. For it to be called this, it needs to include at least four people. In other words, orgies are group sex parties, not threesomes. However, people usually mistake them for swinger nights, and that’s no wonder since they share much in common.


The difference between an orgy and a swinger party is that participants in the latter are exclusively couples. On the other hand, orgies consist of both couples and singles, and it doesn’t matter if you bring someone over.


For participants, any form of sexual intercourse can work. The only requirement is that everyone is consensual about acts and plays involved. Therefore, if you attend an orgy, you’ll probably see all sorts of kinky stuff, from butt sex and oral to bondage and role-playing. At parties like these, anything goes.

It Widened People’s Comfort Zone

It’s no secret that someone’s sex life can easily slip into something forgettable. Due to many reasons, we find ourselves lacking any new ideas on how to express our sexuality the best, and so we end up dead in the sack. This is one of the main reasons why people begin to experiment with sex toys, different partners, and role-playing. However, all these things can lead them to an idea of group sex, which is what orgies basically are.


The whole point of modern-day orgies is to broaden one’s comfort zone and let one enjoy the moment. These events allow us to break norms and traditions and to escape our everyday lives for at least a couple of hours. In other words, they’re just like massive parties where people gather to have a good time, only with everyone having kinky sex. And no — most orgies aren’t evil, cult-like gatherings like in “Eyes Wide Shut.”

Improved General Health Awareness

One of the least talked about orgy pros is how such events can help people raise awareness about safer sex. Even if most laypeople think parties like these are the root of STIs and other nasty infections, those days are long gone by now. Professional sex parties require everyone to use protection and to be open about their reproductive health. This is either based on trust or on actual papers that show you’re STI-free.


Nevertheless, if you’re new to this concept, it’s key not to forget about safe sex. For example, if you’re switching between partners, you should immediately change the condom if you’re a male. In case you don’t, you not only risk looking like a moron in front of others, but you also risk catching or giving someone a nasty infection. This is why it’s safe to say that proper orgies are about sex education, as much as they’re about fun and desire.

Increases Social Need and Skill

Another way how orgies help people is by increasing their social skills. You can’t come to a party, be mute, and expect everyone to fall in love with you. Well, at least if you’re not someone famous. 


Any type of these sex parties (collage orgies, lesbian orgies, etc.) requires its participants to talk, share, and communicate in general before they engage in anything more. Luckily, the promise of having great kinky sex is the best motivator even for the most introverted people around.


By attending these social gatherings of lust and desire, people increase their social skills, which they can later use in all other aspects of life. Be it at work or in private life, knowing how to start up a convo is necessary to succeed and close a deal. 


See, orgies aren’t just about plowing your way inside a massive Hollywood mansion. They’re a perfect place to understand how people walk and talk and get things done. They’re a mirror of how our society works, only without masks we put on to appear less interested in sex.

A New World of Pleasure

As we’ve said, regardless of the orgy type, you might come across all forms of sexual intercourse. You can experience oral, anal, role-playing, bondage, cucking, and almost anything else at sex parties like these. This is why orgies are often considered pathways to the shores of new forms of pleasure. They’re like a boat ready to take you far away from vanilla sex encounters and help you experience what few people ever do.


No matter if you’re single or seeing someone, you can enjoy this kind of sex gathering. For example, if you have a partner, you can take them with you if they agree and see how the two of you interact in such circumstances. This way, you might find out whether you’re into sharing, threesomes, or even watching your lover give it away to someone else. Of course, all this must be consensual to work as intended.

Builds and Creates a Safe Group

Lastly, we should talk about how orgies create safe environments and groups. Although going to such an event for the first time doesn’t sound like the safest thing to do, it’s actually all about finding people who have a similar way of looking at life. With time, you begin to create tight relationships with others, and not just in romantic terms. It’s like being in a band, but a sexual one where everyone fucks everyone. It’s similar to David Cronenberg’s “Crash,” where James Spader joins a group of people who also enjoy symphorophilia.


In some ways, being part of an orgy group is like being inside a cult. Of course, when someone mentions a cult, it’s all riddled with negative connotations. However, cults are not just about people gathered to do freaky and occult stuff. A cult can be a bunch of people gathering around craft beer, certain movie genres, and so on. The same goes for orgies. People gather in small circles and focus on forms of sex that they enjoy together.


Having numerous sexual partners means that you can count on them in various situations in your life. By being a part of an orgy, you and everyone else are prepared to help each other out in other aspects of life. Such gatherings attract people of all social groups and classes, making it possible to benefit outside your little sex ring. By having sex with each other, all of you create a close bond that allows you to ask for favors, share ideas, business plans, and experience everything that you couldn’t individually.