Yoni Eggs: Your Vagina’s BFF

June 29, 2019

A strong pelvic floor is a true orgasm guarantor. Unfortunately, not every woman down there is so well trained. But that can be changed, because with love balls you can easily train your pelvic floor. We’ll tell you how the workout works for more pleasure.

Are you secretly frustrated that you often hope in vain for your orgasm during sex? And the only consolation is that your partner is reliably experiencing this as a Swiss clockwork? Then maybe it’s because your pelvic floor muscles are under-trained. Because the stronger this is, the more intense your pleasure feeling. How to train these muscles best? With love balls!

The training device: love balls

Love balls come either singly or in a double pack. They are made of smooth material and often covered with silicone. This way you can insert into the vagina with the same ease as a tampon. If you still have problems with insertion, you can simply use a little lubricant.

The small vaginal balls strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor and increase the sexual experience. This is because there are small weights inside that vibrate or rotate when moved. This in turn animates the pelvic floor muscles to contraction, which is not exhausting for you, but runs completely automatically.

Love Balls: Different models

Which form, size as well as which weight and surface material your love balls should have, is left entirely to your ideas. For beginners, the soft version with a soft rubber coating is particularly suitable:

Anyone who has already gained advanced experience in terms of love balls or feels particularly inspired by ’50 Shades of Gray ‘, can also fall back on the variant made of metal. It can be used warm or cold – but be careful, because the balls are too cold, you risk catching a bladder infection!

Love balls can reach a weight of up to 350 grams – but are then suitable for advanced users. If you are just getting used to the subject matter, then bullets with a total weight of about 75 grams are recommended.

Especially after pregnancy as well as to prevent incontinence heavier pleasure balls are recommended. They optimally train the pelvic floor and tighten the vaginal muscles.

Exercising with love balls

Similar to the tampon, with love balls a thread is attached, in order to remove it easily. When you insert the lust balls into the vagina, you notice immediately, if everything is right, namely, if you do not feel the balls at all. The love balls are available in different sizes and weights – so you can increase the training individually. The exercises should be started with a model that you can hold effortlessly while standing or walking. For beginners this usually means small, light balls.

Incidentally, the little coaches only work while standing or running and not while sitting or lying down. Stay active during training. The best way to do it is doing everyday work such as cleaning or shopping. If you do not want to risk muscle soreness (which is really there!), You should stick to the training times. About 15 minutes per day are already enough. You should leave it there as well.

These advantages bring love balls

Apart from the fact that love balls are sexy sextoys , they have many more benefits. The targeted training of your pelvic floor not only gives you faster and more reliable an orgasm. Your partner also experiences you more intensively and intimately, because you feel “closer” to him.

In addition to the positive effects in the love area love balls also bring health benefits, because they can prevent incontinence in old age significantly, because bladder weakness is caused by a too weak pelvic floor muscles. Anyone who suffers involuntarily loses urine during physical exertion – in that case the pressure in the abdomen is increased. This can happen while sneezing or while laughing and doing sports.

However, a weak pelvic floor is not just a problem of older people. Pregnancy and childbirth can also greatly weaken the pelvic floor, as it overstretches the muscles. Gynecologists therefore advise young mothers to train and strengthen their pelvic floor again – and love balls are ideal for this.

A strong pelvic floor musculature keeps the trunk stable, the innards in place, increases the orgasm ability, prevents incontinence and above all creates a good body feeling. A pelvic floor weakness can have various causes: pregnancy , childbirth, menopause, obesity or the emergence of special sports. More arguments for more attention does not really need it, right?

The advantage of training with love balls: It works by the way – and you can do almost nothing wrong. The love balls are usually two interconnected balls that are inserted deep into the vagina. Inside the balls rotate small weights. To keep the balls in the vagina, the muscles are activated – and trained.

Love balls are available in different sizes and weights. For starters, you should train with very light balls. Later you can increase the weight. “You notice that the balls are sitting properly when they are not to feel at rest. “, So the tip of Charlotte Strogach of AMORELIE.de. With the Rückholbändchen the balls – similar to a tampon – can be easily pulled out again. After training, they are cleaned with soap and lukewarm water.

How does the training work?

It is enough if you wear the balls every day for 15 minutes in normal everyday activities. In the morning in the bathroom, while cooking or shopping. The important thing during training is: Stay in motion – only then will the pelvic floor really be trained. After two to three weeks, the first results are already noticeable, the training can be intensified with a little heavier or smaller balls.

Pelvic floor training for more fun during sex

A strong pelvic floor almost automatically leads to a more intense


experience. “Through the pelvic floor training the sensitivity during sex and also the orgasm ability is increased.With a strong musculature, the woman can easily bring themselves to orgasm and a strong pelvic floor offers on top of a tighter feeling and more sensitivity for him,” says Charlotte Strogach.

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Buying tips for love balls

Elvie of Chiaro, about 200 euros

Elvie is the tech version of the Love Balls, an app-driven custom training program with biofeedback technology for the pelvic floor. The workouts and the timeline are stored in an app and offer different levels of training that introduce the user to the workout in a playful way. Elvie is compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones.But you can get better products than these and save more with a 50% sale on yoni eggs here at this site.