This The #1 Music Festival People Want To Have Sex At This Year

By on October 17, 2020

When you think of the top music festivals, you probably think of celebrities, flowing hair, and a lot of mud. But there’s something else that apparently a lot of people are getting into on the festival scene. Having sex at a music festival is probably a lot more common than you thought.

In fact, Lovehoney, one of the world’s largest online sex toy retailers, surveyed 1,545 people all about sex and music festivals — and it turns out quite a few people are getting down. According to the survey survey, 18 percent of people have had sex at a festival, and an additional 30 percent of people said they hadn’t, but would like to try it some time. So we’ve got almost one in five people already doing it, and a whole lot more who are open to the idea. And it doesn’t just end at sex — eight percent of those surveyed said that they had actually started a relationship with someone they met at a festival. So, it looks like people are finding all sorts of connections.

In fact, the folks at Lovehoney were surprised that there weren’t more people doing it. “It was surprising that only 18 percent of people have had festival sex, though; there’s something curiously freeing about being outdoors and absorbing that living-in-the-moment festival atmosphere,” Sammi Cole of Lovehoney tells us.

If you’re planning on getting down at a festival — or if you already have but want things to go a little more smoothly next time — there are some ways to make it easier. “If you’re camping at a festival and planning to do the deed, the number one thing you need to think about is cleanliness,” Cole says. “…Tents aren’t exactly known for their soundproof ability, either, so if you [want to take] a sex toy with you, make sure it’s a quiet one! Plus, teeny toys like cock rings work best when you’re super up close and personal, making them the perfect accessories to tent sex.”

So where is the best place to get frisky at a festival? Well, here’s where festival-goers thought would be the best places to have sex.

Burning Man: 20%

Burning Man is meant to be the most out-there, the craziest festival that there is, so maybe it’s no surprise that it was the most popular festival for sex. Twenty percent of respondents said that they’d like to get down there. What happens at Burning Man, stays at Burning Man… I’m assuming.

Coachella: 18%

Coachella is normally associated with the biggest celebrities and the ultimate festival styles, but it turns out it’s still a pretty popular festival for getting down, with 18 percent of respondents saying they’d be up for having sex at Coachella.

Lollapalooza: 15%

Lollapalooza is an incredibly popular festival in Chicago that draws big names — and a lot of participants said it would be great for a hookup. Fifteen percent of those surveyed said they’d go for Lollapalooza as their sexy festival of choice.

Austin City Limits: 6%

There’s quite a drop to the fourth place spot, with six percent of people saying that they would get down at Austin City Limits. I guess not everything is bigger in Texas.

SXSW: 5%

SXSW is another festival known for its celebrity clientele, but five percent of people also said it would be their preferred festival for hooking up.

If music is really the food of love, maybe it’s the perfect place for a random hookup — or something more. Just make sure that you’re safe. Use a condom if you need one and, for the love of god, zip up your tent.


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10 Wild Sex Festivals Around The World That Celebrate The Joy Of ‘Doing It’

By on September 20, 2020

Sex is about joy, love and the pursuit of pleasure. So when it comes to something associated with so much happiness, we should all be celebrating it, instead of shying away from it. And that’s exactly what a lot of places strive to do. Sex festivals around the world are gaining steam (and not just for the obvious reasons).

Here are some of the best ones.

1. Kinky Copenhagen – Denmark

A festival with a focus on kink, you’ll find all manner of non-conformity here. There’s more latex than you can handle, and whips cracking in every corner.

2. Sexpo – South Africa and Australia

This blast of a fest features performers from all aspects of adult entertainment, including burlesque, male and female exotic dancing and pornography. It also involves cosplay and a focus on broadening the world’s sexual horizons.

3. Kutemajrvi Sex Festival – Finland

Taking place in a beautiful little village, this festival features lectures on sex, a sex toy expo, strip shows, exotic dancers and the Aphrodite competition – a nude beauty pageant.

4. Love Parade – Berlin, Germany

Technically, this is the largest techno festival in the world. But for all intents and purposes, it’s a sex festival. Security is told to hold off, and all kinds of sexual antics take over the streets.

5. Erotica – London
Arguably the biggest sex festival in the whole wide world, this ‘trade show’ has areas like an erotic jewellery boutique. 50-100,000 people show up every year, and it even sees celebrity attendance.

6. International Erotic Film Festival – Barcelona, Spain
Apart from a constant stream of adult films and discussions therewith, this festival also offers a lot more. There’s a lingerie show, a sex product fair and a fetish party. The aim of the fest is to break taboos regarding sex.

7. Pon Festival – Indonesia
Held seven times a year, participants in this festival hike up Gunung Kemukus, a hilltop Islamic shrine. Once atop, they have to have sex with a stranger, as they believe this brings them good luck and fortune.

8. Folsom Street Fair – San Francisco
One of the most famous S&M festivals in the world. The streets are taken over by all manner of sexual fetish, leather and everything in between. It’s wild.

9. Eroticon – Poland
This is a 4-day festival of erotic literature and general information about sex held in Poland. Highlights are the World Sex Championships, kink workshops and sex toy displays.

10. Nudes-A-Poppin’ Pageant – Indiana, USA
Held in a notorious nudist resort, this isn’t just a pageant for those who want to let it all hang out. The festival also features erotic dancing, exhibitionism and live sex acts, apart from a roster of famous movie and porn stars attending each year.

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5 Tips For Having Sex At Festivals

By on March 21, 2019

The best thing about festivals is the amazing sense of freedom you get from simply donning a pair of wellies and wandering around a field. Naturally, mix that feeling of pure liberation with booze, music and loads of hot babes and of course you’re going to want to bone the days away. Unfortunately, a muddy hole surrounded by thousands of drunk strangers is not sexy to make.

DW, we know you’re going to do it anyway. Joanna Coker, sex and relationship expert for Bondara, shares her festival sex tips because like it or not, mud and warm tins of beer are going to make you horny AF.

1. Condoms are AS essential as wellies

Whether you’re actively seeking some festival lovin’ or believe it’s strictly off the cards, condoms are as essential as your wellies. Things can and do happen and once you’re in a field miles from the nearest shops, opportunities to access contraception will be few and far between. Make sure you take loads of condoms with you.

2. Don’t get caught

Unlike most outdoor sex where you can find a secluded spot away from prying eyes – a festival is filled with thousands of people which makes not getting caught a little more tricky. Wait until the crowds are distracted by a popular band before sneaking back to your tent. If you’re not camping, your options are limited, soz. Besides the hygiene considerations (JUST STAY AWAY, PEOPLE), a festival portaloo has the obvious disadvantage of a constant stream of people queuing outside, so isn’t the most private location. If you really can’t resist the urge, again wait for a popular band to come on before finding a quiet corner a safe distance away to get it on.

3. Beware of beer goggles

Much has been said about the magical powers of beer goggles. Example; the guy with the anorak and a dodgy haircut talking into his shoe suddenly become uber cool and uber sexy – the drawback is that their powers are temporary and you may end up with cold, hard regret. To avoid a beer goggle-induced sexual encounter, it’s a good idea to have a pre-agreement with trusted friends to politely intervene and stop each other doing anything you may live to regret.

4. Save yourself (and your friends) embarrassment

If you do decide to bang someone, for your own safety it is always wise to let a pal know where you are going and with who. Plus, if you’re sharing a tent, give that person a heads up or risk subjecting them to an eyeful if they come back unannounced.

5. Watch out for group situations that go too far…

The combo of good festival vibes, booze and tent-sharing can lead to group situations which go further than you would be comfortable with normally.

At the time it might seem fun to share a sexual experience with more than one person, but if this isn’t something you’d usually do, you might feel differently afterward. Especially if it happens with people you know – you don’t want to spend the next year avoiding eye contact with your flatmates, right? Think carefully before engaging in any sexual activity that’s out of character for you.

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Sex in a Tent: Festival Fertility

By on February 18, 2019

Festivals are a brilliant way to retreat from everyday life, relaxing outdoors with fellow human beings and sharing in the celebration of music, humanity, food, nature and a good time.

Learning to let go and enjoy is becoming increasingly important as our lives become busier and busier and our free time is eroded away but work and other commitments. I relish being anywhere away from emails and texts and long for the days when it was hard to get hold of people. Communication is a good thing, a great thing – but it’s also a curse as we can so easily slip into overload. Festivals are a perfect excuse to check out and be off the radar for a while. I like nothing better than being outdoors with my husband, children, and friends listening to music and relaxing with a drink and a smile”

My Top Fertility Tips for Festivals


  • Sex in a tent is great fun, forget about ovulation sticks and don’t worry where you are in your cycle and if it’s “a good time in the month for sex”, remember sex for sex sake and just enjoy. Forget about using healthy yoni eggs too! You won’t need that at the moment.
  • Don’t worry too much about excessive washing – we are over sanitized these days. Pheromones are what we produce to attract another they enhance attraction and potentially arousal and attraction. The smell of a man’s armpits is said to really activate women’s libido. Be natural for a weekend everyone’s in the same boat.
  • Try to relax your fertility plan for the weekend – don’t go too mad but do relax and let your hair down. Trying for a baby can really take the joy out of a relationship so put it to the back of your mind and rediscover each other.
  • You can relax on your eating rules when on a festival. Take some healthy snacks; fruit, nuts, seeds, oats cakes and humous etc as fill-ins. When eating take away food at the festival stick to things like falafels and vegetables based dishes.
  • Consider taking Chlorella tablets which are high in protein and really good for the liver too.
    Sesame seeds are excellent for reducing the effects of alcohol.
  • Take some aloe vera gel which is a great cure-all for cuts, scratches or mild sunburn. Keep it in the cool box.
  • Stay hydrated, drink plenty of water, allow yourself the odd drink but make sure you have eaten and don’t drink on an empty stomach or to excess.
  • Wear a hat if it’s very sunny so you don’t get overheated.
  • Remember it can get very cold at night so take an extra layer.
  • Take a kettle to make herbal teas. ‘Nourish blood’ from my new Cycles of Life organic tea range is amazing for anyone who gets hay fever or to give the energy to dance the night away.


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How Orgies Became a Liberating Act for People

By on October 20, 2021

We all know about orgies and sex parties, yet we all have tons of misconceptions about them. But they have been with us for ages, and there’s no real reason why they would disappear from our societies. Why are orgies so hot, and what benefits do they offer, though? Well, there are numerous pros, and we’re about to let you in on some of them.

What Is an Orgy?

Namely, an orgy is an event that allows people to meet, share, and have consensual sexual intercourse. For it to be called this, it needs to include at least four people. In other words, orgies are group sex parties, not threesomes. However, people usually mistake them for swinger nights, and that’s no wonder since they share much in common.


The difference between an orgy and a swinger party is that participants in the latter are exclusively couples. On the other hand, orgies consist of both couples and singles, and it doesn’t matter if you bring someone over.


For participants, any form of sexual intercourse can work. The only requirement is that everyone is consensual about acts and plays involved. Therefore, if you attend an orgy, you’ll probably see all sorts of kinky stuff, from butt sex and oral to bondage and role-playing. At parties like these, anything goes.

It Widened People’s Comfort Zone

It’s no secret that someone’s sex life can easily slip into something forgettable. Due to many reasons, we find ourselves lacking any new ideas on how to express our sexuality the best, and so we end up dead in the sack. This is one of the main reasons why people begin to experiment with sex toys, different partners, and role-playing. However, all these things can lead them to an idea of group sex, which is what orgies basically are.


The whole point of modern-day orgies is to broaden one’s comfort zone and let one enjoy the moment. These events allow us to break norms and traditions and to escape our everyday lives for at least a couple of hours. In other words, they’re just like massive parties where people gather to have a good time, only with everyone having kinky sex. And no — most orgies aren’t evil, cult-like gatherings like in “Eyes Wide Shut.”

Improved General Health Awareness

One of the least talked about orgy pros is how such events can help people raise awareness about safer sex. Even if most laypeople think parties like these are the root of STIs and other nasty infections, those days are long gone by now. Professional sex parties require everyone to use protection and to be open about their reproductive health. This is either based on trust or on actual papers that show you’re STI-free.


Nevertheless, if you’re new to this concept, it’s key not to forget about safe sex. For example, if you’re switching between partners, you should immediately change the condom if you’re a male. In case you don’t, you not only risk looking like a moron in front of others, but you also risk catching or giving someone a nasty infection. This is why it’s safe to say that proper orgies are about sex education, as much as they’re about fun and desire.

Increases Social Need and Skill

Another way how orgies help people is by increasing their social skills. You can’t come to a party, be mute, and expect everyone to fall in love with you. Well, at least if you’re not someone famous. 


Any type of these sex parties (collage orgies, lesbian orgies, etc.) requires its participants to talk, share, and communicate in general before they engage in anything more. Luckily, the promise of having great kinky sex is the best motivator even for the most introverted people around.


By attending these social gatherings of lust and desire, people increase their social skills, which they can later use in all other aspects of life. Be it at work or in private life, knowing how to start up a convo is necessary to succeed and close a deal. 


See, orgies aren’t just about plowing your way inside a massive Hollywood mansion. They’re a perfect place to understand how people walk and talk and get things done. They’re a mirror of how our society works, only without masks we put on to appear less interested in sex.

A New World of Pleasure

As we’ve said, regardless of the orgy type, you might come across all forms of sexual intercourse. You can experience oral, anal, role-playing, bondage, cucking, and almost anything else at sex parties like these. This is why orgies are often considered pathways to the shores of new forms of pleasure. They’re like a boat ready to take you far away from vanilla sex encounters and help you experience what few people ever do.


No matter if you’re single or seeing someone, you can enjoy this kind of sex gathering. For example, if you have a partner, you can take them with you if they agree and see how the two of you interact in such circumstances. This way, you might find out whether you’re into sharing, threesomes, or even watching your lover give it away to someone else. Of course, all this must be consensual to work as intended.

Builds and Creates a Safe Group

Lastly, we should talk about how orgies create safe environments and groups. Although going to such an event for the first time doesn’t sound like the safest thing to do, it’s actually all about finding people who have a similar way of looking at life. With time, you begin to create tight relationships with others, and not just in romantic terms. It’s like being in a band, but a sexual one where everyone fucks everyone. It’s similar to David Cronenberg’s “Crash,” where James Spader joins a group of people who also enjoy symphorophilia.


In some ways, being part of an orgy group is like being inside a cult. Of course, when someone mentions a cult, it’s all riddled with negative connotations. However, cults are not just about people gathered to do freaky and occult stuff. A cult can be a bunch of people gathering around craft beer, certain movie genres, and so on. The same goes for orgies. People gather in small circles and focus on forms of sex that they enjoy together.


Having numerous sexual partners means that you can count on them in various situations in your life. By being a part of an orgy, you and everyone else are prepared to help each other out in other aspects of life. Such gatherings attract people of all social groups and classes, making it possible to benefit outside your little sex ring. By having sex with each other, all of you create a close bond that allows you to ask for favors, share ideas, business plans, and experience everything that you couldn’t individually.

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Why you should try a spiked dildo

By on April 20, 2021

Are you looking for a new sex toy? Do you want to try something new and different? The answer to all of your problems might be a spiked dildo. If you have no idea what spiked dildos are, you’re in the right place. Here, we will go through everything you need to know about these adult toys, as well as reasons why buying them might be a perfect choice.

The bumps will give you a different sensation

There are a couple of things we should address before we go into all the details about this sex toy. Firstly, spiked dildos exist, and no, they are not dangerous. They aren’t real spikes that could hurt you, and the toy is still soft and comfortable to use. 

Now, the primary idea behind these toys is that they will be able to give you a new type of sensation. As you can probably expect, it’s not something you could have experienced elsewhere. So, it might be just the thing you need. 

If you are into regular dildos only, the sensation will be extraordinary. Picking the size of the toy is up to you. You can always get a huge dildo if that’s something you’ll enjoy. 

They are made from medical-grade silicone

One of the most important things when choosing a sex toy is material. Since you will be using it on your own body, you need it to be safe to minimize the chances of any health problems. Metal and glass, for example, are incredible since you can easily clean them and are compatible with any type of lubricant. 

But since we have spikes here, metal and glass are out of the options. It would be too dangerous, and there is a chance that you would hurt yourself. That is why this type of dildos is made from medical-grade silicone. 

They are easy to clean, offer flexibility, and can be suited for temperature play. The toy is versatile, and the quality can be rather impressive. One of the things you should avoid is heating the toy too much since extreme temperature may damage it. 

Naturally, we don’t suggest you buy cheaper models since low-grade silicone can be quite bad. When it comes to spiked dildos, it’s not really a problem. There aren’t many companies designing spiked dildos, and those that do offer impressive quality. The toy also works with numerous types of lubricants. However, you should avoid anything that’s silicone-based to avoid damage to the toy. 

It is waterproof and non-porous

Another important thing is that silicone toys are waterproof. The human body has a lot of liquid inside, and having a toy that isn’t water-resistant would be disastrous. You would have to replace it after every use. Since silicone is quite durable, the toy will be able to last you for a long time. Moreover, you can clean it however you like. 

You can submerge it in water, use soap, or anything else. You should always avoid using harsh or strong chemicals and anything that you wouldn’t use on your body. Of course, we all know how maintenance and hygiene are important, and you’d want to get a toy that you can clean in no time. 

The second important thing is that silicone is non-porous. What this means is that there are no tiny holes in the materials (or pores). Porous-material toys are fertile surfaces for bacteria. When you add body fluids, dust, and everything else that may land on the toy, you get a recipe for disaster. That is why silicone is one of the most popular options when it comes to sex toys. 

It’s waterproof, easy to clean, and non-porous, which means it is a lot safer compared to the alternative.

A lot of varieties to choose from

The final reason why you should check out spiked dildos is that there are so many different options to choose from. Take a look at these amazing options from www.lovegasm.co, and see for yourself. Even though it is not the most popular type of sex toy, there are still numerous options you can find. 

Some are all about unique, beautiful colors, while others follow the idea of alien dildos. If you never heard of alien dildos, they became rather popular in the past couple of years. More and more companies are focusing on fantasy sex toys and how genitals would look if mythical creatures were real. 

So, whether you want an alien dildo or a regular silicone sex toy with spikes, there is no doubt that you’ll be able to find one that’s perfect for you. Of course, with the increasing popularity of sex toys and fantasy dildos, there is no doubt that there will be even more exciting models in the future.

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What Makes Ben Wa Balls The Best For Your Kegel Exercise

By on July 22, 2019

Your Ben Wa balls should be quite small, that is to say do not exceed 3.5 cm in diameter. The more you gain experience, the smaller will have to be your balls. Indeed, the big balls are not difficult to keep in the vagina so do not require any effort of the perineum. Know that the vagina is narrow enough to keep a 4 cm diameter ball in place.

The weight of the balls

A Ben Wa ball must weigh at least 80 g. If it is lighter, it will be too easy to keep it in place. As a result, the activity will not strengthen your perineum.

Quality of materials

It is strongly recommended to opt for non-allergenic materials to avoid any problem of intolerance. In addition, it is preferable that the balls are perfectly smooth and tight. This will prevent the accumulation of microbes in the micro pores and other junction points of the pieces.

User manual

Many believe that using Ben Wa balls does not require any learning. But this is only an idea. In fact, the use of Ben Wa balls must be done in the rules and we know that there are many subtleties to this practice. For example, you have to wear them in a certain way. There are also special exercises to dissociate the different parts of the pelvic floor so much technique to optimize the bodybuilding of it. So these are knowledge that you cannot have in a natural way, through your experiences. Hence the importance of a clear tutorial with preferably exercises described in as much detail as possible. The yoni eggs sold online are of different sizes that can be divided into three groups: small, medium and large, which corresponds to a height of 30, 40 and 50mm.

The size of your vagina will determine the size of the egg or balls; obviously, the bigger the egg, the more you will feel it. It is necessary to feel it physically to work the muscles but not if you want to work only with vibratory energies of the stone in meditation for example. For more ben wa balls guide you can read it here.

Large: this size is indicated if you have a large vagina, simply, and you can not feel the medium size egg. It is also indicated in case of relaxation of the perineum, for example when: You cannot feel or contract your vagina anymore. You suffer from urinary incontinence: you have leaks when you laugh, cough or sneeze; you often need to go to the bathroom. You have difficulty emptying your bladder.

An exception: If during reports, the “woman on” position causes you to have lower abdominal pain, choose an egg or smaller balls to avoid pain. Practice the exercises diligently to tone your muscles and prevent the uterus from descending further.

Medium: this size fits most women. You get to contract your perineum but you feel like it could get better. You master the size “big”.

Small: eggs of this size are barely larger than a tampon and most women cannot feel them, at least not at first. An egg of the size “small” is used in the following cases: For vaginal meditation the goal being to feel and work with the energetic vibrations of the stone, you do not need to feel the egg on the physical plane on the contrary, it would be rather embarrassing. You can wear it for several hours without being embarrassed. You have a good command of the “average” size and you want to push the exercises even further with the “small” size. In case you suffer from vaginismus here are speckled obsidian eggs 30, 40 and 50mm high.

What stone?

You can choose your stone based on the descriptions provided on each product page, to work on a given problem or solve a specific problem. Each stone is associated with one or more zodiac signs. If you choose a stone that is associated with your astrological sign, it will reinforce your positive characteristics in relation to your sign. But you can of course choose a stone associated with another astrological sign than yours. You can also choose according to which chakras it is associated with, to work on the chakra in question and to strengthen its links with the root chakra since this is where you place the egg. In general and in case of doubt, trust your intuition and choose the stone that attracts you the most, simply. This is the one you need. For many varieties, you can buy geisha balls here and choose the most appropriate stone for your sign and chakra.

Balls or egg

It’s a question of taste. The circle symbolizes unity, the absolute, eternity and the divine. Know that if you choose balls, you will at first work with one. Work with two balls is for confirmed users. The egg is the symbol of fertility both literally and figuratively. Thus, in many cultures it accompanies initiatory rites or fertility cults, representing the awakening or the return of life.

With wire or without

Yoni egg pierced with wire allows easy removal after use. This is particularly suitable for new users who are often afraid that the egg will “get stuck”. If you’re comfortable with your intimate muscles, you can use a non-pierced egg that you can take out without help, just by pushing. For experienced users who are knowledgeable about Taoist practices, the thread can be used to attach weights.

For hygienic reasons, it is necessary to replace the wire (type dental floss) after each use and to rinse well the hole. Choose them, put them, prejudices, misconceptions, how to use them. You should not get confused in the choice of Ben Wa balls vs. Kegel Balls. Both have the same effect and you can use them in everyday life, in sport, on horseback.

Accessories and me

You probably know that you like gym accessories: ball, elastics, roll full of things! You can test very different accessories, dumbbells for perineum: the balls of Ben Wa. It is thanks to the perinea shop where you could test these balls and share your experience.

You can call them balls of Kegel, smart balls, balls of Ben Wa, in brief full of name for those dumbbells of the perineum which often have a sexual connotation. We talk a little more about it with the movie Fifty Shades of Gray, but we do not know them well.

Motivation: these taboos make you unhappy.

It would seem that 40% of women under 50 would suffer from some form of incontinence, for example by coughing, sneezing, or even making an effort. 40% is a lot anyway. So what message did we pass? That’s normal. That you can have moments “oops”! We have leaks; well it does not matter here. It trivializes urinary leakage, gives the woman the news that leaks are inevitable, and not being a boy, its do not know what that gives as an image, but it’s not a super positive image, and even less glamorous.


You will have understood, well choose his Ben Wa balls is not an easy task, quite the contrary. Many criteria must be taken into account to acquire the ideal product, one that will suit you in every way and will take you to nirvana. But in any case, keep in mind that the primary function of these products is to bring sexual pleasure to women, so even if you select a model studied to strengthen your vaginal muscles, you will still benefit from an intense and intense pleasure. Finally, if you are not sure of your needs and expectations, take a product first price to start. You can practice this practice while getting used to these articles. And naturally, you will quickly realize what you require Ben Wa balls.

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Are You Brave Enough For Penis Plugs?

By on July 9, 2019

What is penis plug? Penis plugs are moderately basic toys; you probably won’t realize how to appropriately utilize them. This isn’t so frightening as you may think, and utilizing a penis plug can be an agreeable and simple process with a couple of basic advances.

What is a Penis Plug?

A penis plug is a short toy designed to be inserted into the urethra. These are now and then worn for brief periods, however some can be designed for delayed wear. They will in general be somewhere in the range of one and four inches in length, and animate the penis from within.

There are a wide range of sorts of penis plug. The most essential is a smooth, marginally decreased, thin bit of metal. More obscure designs have distinctive objectives. They may have diverse textures, adaptable shafts, use to have a ring for circumventing the penis, or vibrate even. Penis plugs with rings use to have a twofold capacity, as they help to keep the plug set up, and animate the penis, making it harder and more sensitive to touches.

Some penis plugs may have a gap through the middle. This gap is designed to give you a chance to oust natural fluids, for example, pee or ejaculation, without expecting to expel the plug. They may accompany a little metal roller, which screws on to the highest point of the plug. This ball is expelled when you need to urinate or discharge, at that point supplanted during typical wear of the plug.

Most penis plugs will be made of stainless steel. This is the most effortless material to disinfect, and the safest to use in this sort of play. All these and more varieties of penis plugs can be found at https://lustplugs.com/collections/penis-plugs.

What is a Penis Plug used For?

Whereas penis plugs use to have a medical utilize, opening the urethra within the people with states which keep them from peeing justifiably, a great many people who will get one of their own are just doing it for sexual pleasure. As the plug happens to enter the urethra, it use to puts weight on the thin-skinned nerve ends within the penis. This kind of weight is able to make the whole penis considerably more sensitive, making it simpler to orgasm and substantially more extreme when you do. It can even keep up more grounded erections both through the inward stimulation, and, if your plug has one, the rings which can encompass the penis.

How Do You Use a Penis Plug?

Generally, it must be genuinely evident how to utilize a penis plug. The gadget is inserted into the penis through the urethra. The plug should be totally sterile and sterilized, as this piece of the body is exceptionally inclined to bacterial contamination.

Before you even insert your plug, you must dependably check it over. Numerous penis plugs are handmade, so there’s dependably a shot anyway little of some human mistake. Run your finger along the whole gadget, and feel for any protuberances, knocks, or sharp areas that shouldn’t be there. In the event that you discover any of these when you first purchase your plug, it shouldn’t be utilized, and you should return it to the store. Some of the time they may have stamped markings to indicate the size of the plug. These must be checked to ensure they are appropriately smoothed out. If not, some emery paper must have the capacity to smooth everything out.

These checks don’t simply should be done when you initially get your plug. You should check it before every use. Now and again during storage or moving them around, your plugs may get little scratches at first glance. Because of the simple sensitive nature of the urethra, even the slightest scratch or raised zone can cause harm, so you generally need to watch out for your plugs.

Urinating before you start is dependably a smart thought. Except if your plug is hollow so fluids can go through, when it’s in you’ll be hindering the capacity to urinate. Disposing of these fluids ahead of time not just frees the territory of undesirable bacteria, however can likewise make it less demanding to orgasm. A few men think that it’s hard to achieve orgasm with a full bladder, or while they feel like they have to pee.

Lubricant is another critical thought in urethral play, and should be set up before you start. The urethra, much the same as the rear end, doesn’t create enough of its own lubricant to encourage sexual play. It will likewise assimilate water, so spit or water based lubricants won’t be as compelling. Whichever lubricant you utilize, it must be sterile, and you have to apply a liberal add up to the plug and your urethra to help forestall grating. Utilizing a penis plug without oil is certain to prompt tearing and damage. For a more detailed guide on how to use a penis plug get a full read here

Inserting the Plug

While this may be the part you’ve been anticipating the most, it’s critical not to become involved with the warmth existing apart from everything else. Inserting a penis plug is a fragile strategy, and surging it is probably going to hurt or cause damage. You must likewise never constrain the plug in. If you’ve utilized lubricant and it isn’t going in easily, take it retreat and attempt again later.

As a rule, it’s a lot less demanding to insert a penis plug when the penis is flabby. Except if you have a great deal of experience and work on utilizing them, you must likewise adhere to a fittingly sized penis plug. Longer and thicker forms are not prompted until the point that your urethra winds up used to the sensation and you’ve prepared your body a bit.

Dangers and Dangers

With something as sensitive as penile infiltration, there will undoubtedly be a few dangers included. The biggest of these is basic sullying. While participating in any sort of urethral play, you should make sure that your plug is totally sterile, and that your hands and body are likewise clean. Any bacteria on the gadget when you insert it could wreak ruin with your urinary framework, and give you some frightful diseases.

It must abandon saying that you should just insert things that were really designed to go into the urethra. Never endeavor urethral play with any family unit objects. Not exclusively will they probably be swimming in the bacteria you wish to evade, however as they aren’t designed to enter the penis they are substantially more prone to cause tears or harm.

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Yoni Eggs: Your Vagina’s BFF

By on June 29, 2019

A strong pelvic floor is a true orgasm guarantor. Unfortunately, not every woman down there is so well trained. But that can be changed, because with love balls you can easily train your pelvic floor. We’ll tell you how the workout works for more pleasure.

Are you secretly frustrated that you often hope in vain for your orgasm during sex? And the only consolation is that your partner is reliably experiencing this as a Swiss clockwork? Then maybe it’s because your pelvic floor muscles are under-trained. Because the stronger this is, the more intense your pleasure feeling. How to train these muscles best? With love balls!

The training device: love balls

Love balls come either singly or in a double pack. They are made of smooth material and often covered with silicone. This way you can insert into the vagina with the same ease as a tampon. If you still have problems with insertion, you can simply use a little lubricant.

The small vaginal balls strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor and increase the sexual experience. This is because there are small weights inside that vibrate or rotate when moved. This in turn animates the pelvic floor muscles to contraction, which is not exhausting for you, but runs completely automatically.

Love Balls: Different models

Which form, size as well as which weight and surface material your love balls should have, is left entirely to your ideas. For beginners, the soft version with a soft rubber coating is particularly suitable:

Anyone who has already gained advanced experience in terms of love balls or feels particularly inspired by ’50 Shades of Gray ‘, can also fall back on the variant made of metal. It can be used warm or cold – but be careful, because the balls are too cold, you risk catching a bladder infection!

Love balls can reach a weight of up to 350 grams – but are then suitable for advanced users. If you are just getting used to the subject matter, then bullets with a total weight of about 75 grams are recommended.

Especially after pregnancy as well as to prevent incontinence heavier pleasure balls are recommended. They optimally train the pelvic floor and tighten the vaginal muscles.

Exercising with love balls

Similar to the tampon, with love balls a thread is attached, in order to remove it easily. When you insert the lust balls into the vagina, you notice immediately, if everything is right, namely, if you do not feel the balls at all. The love balls are available in different sizes and weights – so you can increase the training individually. The exercises should be started with a model that you can hold effortlessly while standing or walking. For beginners this usually means small, light balls.

Incidentally, the little coaches only work while standing or running and not while sitting or lying down. Stay active during training. The best way to do it is doing everyday work such as cleaning or shopping. If you do not want to risk muscle soreness (which is really there!), You should stick to the training times. About 15 minutes per day are already enough. You should leave it there as well.

These advantages bring love balls

Apart from the fact that love balls are sexy sextoys , they have many more benefits. The targeted training of your pelvic floor not only gives you faster and more reliable an orgasm. Your partner also experiences you more intensively and intimately, because you feel “closer” to him.

In addition to the positive effects in the love area love balls also bring health benefits, because they can prevent incontinence in old age significantly, because bladder weakness is caused by a too weak pelvic floor muscles. Anyone who suffers involuntarily loses urine during physical exertion – in that case the pressure in the abdomen is increased. This can happen while sneezing or while laughing and doing sports.

However, a weak pelvic floor is not just a problem of older people. Pregnancy and childbirth can also greatly weaken the pelvic floor, as it overstretches the muscles. Gynecologists therefore advise young mothers to train and strengthen their pelvic floor again – and love balls are ideal for this.

A strong pelvic floor musculature keeps the trunk stable, the innards in place, increases the orgasm ability, prevents incontinence and above all creates a good body feeling. A pelvic floor weakness can have various causes: pregnancy , childbirth, menopause, obesity or the emergence of special sports. More arguments for more attention does not really need it, right?

The advantage of training with love balls: It works by the way – and you can do almost nothing wrong. The love balls are usually two interconnected balls that are inserted deep into the vagina. Inside the balls rotate small weights. To keep the balls in the vagina, the muscles are activated – and trained.

Love balls are available in different sizes and weights. For starters, you should train with very light balls. Later you can increase the weight. “You notice that the balls are sitting properly when they are not to feel at rest. “, So the tip of Charlotte Strogach of AMORELIE.de. With the Rückholbändchen the balls – similar to a tampon – can be easily pulled out again. After training, they are cleaned with soap and lukewarm water.

How does the training work?

It is enough if you wear the balls every day for 15 minutes in normal everyday activities. In the morning in the bathroom, while cooking or shopping. The important thing during training is: Stay in motion – only then will the pelvic floor really be trained. After two to three weeks, the first results are already noticeable, the training can be intensified with a little heavier or smaller balls.

Pelvic floor training for more fun during sex

A strong pelvic floor almost automatically leads to a more intense


experience. “Through the pelvic floor training the sensitivity during sex and also the orgasm ability is increased.With a strong musculature, the woman can easily bring themselves to orgasm and a strong pelvic floor offers on top of a tighter feeling and more sensitivity for him,” says Charlotte Strogach.

Read here for you to know what is the safest yoni egg.

Buying tips for love balls

Elvie of Chiaro, about 200 euros

Elvie is the tech version of the Love Balls, an app-driven custom training program with biofeedback technology for the pelvic floor. The workouts and the timeline are stored in an app and offer different levels of training that introduce the user to the workout in a playful way. Elvie is compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones.But you can get better products than these and save more with a 50% sale on yoni eggs here at this site.

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A Simple Beginner’s Guide To Rimming Plus Tips And Techniques

By on March 2, 2019

You probably find yourself here because you’re stumped as to what the term “rimming” means. Or, if you already know, you’re curious how you go about it.

Rimming (aka. Tossing Salad) is when one partner orally stimulates another’s anus.

Aka. Eating ass.

No, wait! Don’t run away!

If you’re new to the concept, you’re probably grossed out just thinking about it. However, I promise it’s nowhere near as bad as you think it is. In fact, it can be quite pleasurable.

Let’s look at what you need to do to prepare and some simple techniques to elevate you to the pro level.




This will be the make or break of a pleasant experience, and it all starts with planning.

If you think you’re going to get lucky in some way, clean yourself ahead of time – and do it well. Jump in the shower and give your ass and hole a thorough wash.

And I don’t mean a quick lather – spend some serious time getting things squeaky clean. There are anal cleansing gels on the market too.

Another possibility is extending foreplay to the shower and doing it when your partner is with you.

Keep antibacterial baby wipes close by for a last-minute wipe down. These are also essential if you don’t think you can get to a shower beforehand – because, trust me, a simple toilet paper wipe will NOT be good enough.




There’s already lots of talk about trimming the forward hedges, but if rimming is on the table, you might want to give those bum hairs a shave. Hairs tend to grab onto unpleasant things and be rather rough on the tongue.

You don’t have to wax or bleach anything. It’s just good manners to keep the hairs under control.




Yes, there is a bigger chance of bacteria being present, but there’s also the risk of STIs as well. This can either be from feces or blood in the anus (for example if there’s been any rough anal play ahead of time).

Not to mention if there are any open sores or swollen gums (in the “giver’s” mouth). This is one reason it’s suggested you don’t brush your teeth right after. Instead, wash with mouthwash etc. and then gently brush.

EXAMPLE: Herpes, Chlamydia, Hepatitis A, Salmonella, Giardia, Amoebas, or Shigella.

All of this is easily solved by using a dental dam or cutting open a condom and using the lubricated side against the rimming receiver.

Another suggestion I came across was cutting open a latex medical glove but leaving one of the fingers intact – essentially creating a dental damn with a tongue sleeve.

WARNING: Some people are allergic to latex. Check first or have the non-latex versions available. And while some people would suggest using plastic wrap, I do NOT. It’s not made the same as dental dams or condoms and has a higher risk of STI transference.




Aside from keeping things clean, you should consider what your digestion is like that day. Having the “runs” or excessive gas can ruin things in ways we don’t want to imagine.

If things are suspect in the tummy department, wait for another day. Or, if gas is the issue, there are pills to take care of it or foods that produce fewer toots.




There’s no actual “right” position, just ones that make things easier.

Doggy style will open things up nicely, but they won’t be able to relax as easily because they are propping themselves up. Body wedges/pillows help to solve this issue.

Laying on the back with your legs tucked against your chest works too. Prop a pillow under your hips to make the area more accessible (and be kinder on your partner’s neck).

Riding their face is also another fine choice. Just make sure you don’t smother them.




This doesn’t mean you have to put on a performance – only making sure you don’t skip to just sticking your tongue in.



  • Make sure your partner is comfortable and relaxed
  • Kiss along their thighs and other sensitive areas



  • Use your breath to warm things up or cool things off
  • Draw half circles with your tongue
  • Make little swirls or gently fondle around the outside
  • Give tiny nibbles (not bites!)
  • Try a wand or other vibrator



  • Only when they are supremely worked up should you start inserting your tongue
  • Short strokes, long ones, mixing it up, heavying licking etc.
  • This is also when you can insert a finger (if they want) and work a man’s p-spot.
  • Make sure you use lube if anything is going inside anywhere.


NOTE: Don’t ignore the rest of the body. If your partner’s a woman, play with her lower-lips etc. If it’s a man (and his erection allows) give him some sensual strokes or play with his balls.

Also, make sure you come up for air. Honestly, certain positions make it hard to breathe.




Nope. Not at all.

The nerve endings around the anus are the same whether you’re gay, straight, bi, any other sexual identity, male, or female. Granted there’s the stereotype that gay people enjoy it (for obvious reasons), and it’s lead to some discrimination, however, anyone can enjoy it.

And, as long as you’re with a trusted partner and use practice safer sex, it can be a great addition to your sex toolbox!


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Do you have any other rimming techniques? Share in the comments.

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